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About the NLB Group

NLB Group is the leading banking and financial group with headquarters and an exclusive strategic interest in our home region – Southeast Europe. In addition to NLB d.d., a main entity in Slovenia and a public company, NLB Group is comprised of six subsidiary banks and several companies for ancillary services (asset management, real estate management etc.).

The Group utilises a universal banking model and supports its clients through retail, corporate, and investment banking services. On six out of seven markets where the Group operates, the market share of member banks exceeds 10% (measured by total assets).

However, NLB Group is no mere financial group and as an institution of systemic importance, we are not only interested in strictly business topics. In addition to good business performance and financial results that contribute to economic development of the region, we also wish to shape and improve the social threads of the environment we live in and to contribute to a higher quality of life of all its people. NLB Group are namely the people who know and understand the industry in which we work, who develop innovative, customer-oriented products and services, and who are connected to the environment and the region in which we live. For us, this region is not just a spot on the map. This is our home.

NLB Group in numbers 

  • An extensive network of 418 branches in all the markets where NLB Group operates
  • Approximately 2.8 million active clients within the Group
  • NLB Group recorded a record high profit of EUR 551 million in 2023.
  • Total assets of the NLB Group amount to EUR 25.9 billion. 


  • The Group will take care of the financial needs of its clients and improve the quality of life in its home SEE region.

Strategic focus 

  • Become a regional champion
  • Putting clients first
  • Grow our market position
  • Monetize opportunities and synergies  

Sustainable banking

  • NLB officially joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance in May 2022.
  • In 2023, NLB recieved Sustainalytics ESG Rating16.0 
  • In 2021, the Group set the direction of sustainability activities by publishing the NLB Group Sustainability Framework and aligning its business model with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The focus was on decisive implementation of activities in the three pillars: contribution to society, sustainable finance and sustainable operations.
  • As the first bank from Slovenia to commit to the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, the Bank performed an impact analysis and published regional sustainability targets.

Legal and organizational structure of the NLB Group

In accordance with the provisions of Zban-3, the banking group must be organized in such a way that the parent bank in the banking group is enabled to manage the risks to which the group is or could be exposed in its operations. The parent bank and all other members of the banking group must establish and implement at the group level such a risk management system that enables the smooth preparation of all data and information relevant to supervision on a consolidated basis.

NLB Group consists of NLB d.d. and members of the NLB Group (one parent and one or more subsidiaries related under the sole management of the parent is accordind to Companies act called actual group).

As a rule, these are long-term financial investments in shares or stocks of banks and other companies.

According to the ownership and organizational management structure, the members of the NLB Group are:

  • subsidiary banks, financial organizations and companies,
  • joint ventures,
  • associated companies.

The organization and number of members of the group may change, namely by establishing, acquiring and merging or by terminating members, in the form of the sale of capital investments or the termination of operations (liquidation of companies).

Prior to any major change in the organizational structure of the NLB Group, corporate governance stakeholders also take into account the effects that would affect the stability and organizational structure of the NLB Group.

Management and control system of the NLB Group

In NLB d.d. we have established two management policies, one for NLB d.d. and another for the banking group. Management policies take into account the provisions of applicable legislation in the Republic of Slovenia, in particular the Banking Act and the Companies Act, the Internal Management Regulation, the Management Authority and the process of assessing adequate internal capital for banks and savings banks, EBA guidelines on internal governance and other applicable EU laws and regulations on internal and corporate governance. In managing the NLB Group, the Bank also complies with the provisions of the Slovenian Corporate Governance Code, the Rules of the Ljubljana and London Stock Exchanges, and follows the recommendations for listed public companies.

The NLB Group is managed by:

a. in accordance with the basic corporate rules through the bodies of the NLB Group members:

  • by voting at the general meetings of NLB Group members;
  • by exercising supervision through the supervisory bodies of NLB Group members;
  • with proposals for the appointment of representatives of NLB d.d. to supervisory authorities;
  • with proposals for the appointment of management boards of NLB Group members;
  • with the participation of representatives of NLB d.d. in various committees and commissions of NLB Group members;

b. with mechanisms to ensure effective business control and management, namely:

  • by harmonizing operations by business areas, according to  "Competence Line" principle;
  • through meetings of the Management Boards for the NLB Group, meetings of the management boards of the members of the NLB Group, meetings of the ALCO Group Committee and the like;
  • through the implementation of development activities, through multifunctional working groups (cross-functional working groups), group projects, competence centres (competence centres), centres of excellence (centres of excellence);

c. with additional supervision of NLB Group members, which are performed within the control functions (risk management, audit, compliance) and through external supervisors (European Central Bank, local regulators, external auditors), and we also pay special attention to monitoring related parties with the bank as members of a banking group.